Monday, December 28, 2009

Importance of having a professional design for your website

While planning their industrial web marketing strategy, most companies jump directly into SEO, link building, social media campaigns, PPCs, etc. But we hope you aren’t jumping directly into all that. Are you?

Most companies fail to even notice the importance of having an ideal industrial website design, which is definitely essential before you jump into anything. To encounter the actual change, industrial websites require plenty of time, effort, planning and patience.

A lot of people might be visiting your website, but making them stick around is usually a significant task. A professional design for your website, if done appropriately, can not only prove to be helpful in achieving that task but also help visitors convert into sales.

Studies depict that visitors are unknowingly influenced to spend more time or take a buying-decision due to the website’s professional design. Improve your website’s color scheme, text formatting, layout, etc. matching contemporary standards, in order to avoid losing out on such essential opportunities.

Here are a few tips to get you started:
Choose a professional color theme
Choosing an ideal, professional color theme is never easy. But try matching them to your house colors or company’s logo for higher uniformity. There are thousands of colors to choose from, thus take your time and strike the accurate balance for your satisfaction.

Standardize text everywhere
Maintaining the text type, size, color and overall formatting on every page is extremely important for a visually appealing and consistent outlook towards your website. All your headers are recommended to be of the same size. You can also utilize creativity in choosing colors and make it look distinctive and likeable.

Mix and match colors appropriately
Avoid implementing too many colors. Three to four colors are usually sufficient for a good design. Try choosing all the colors with similar tones, from the same color-family. And if you choose a light-colored background, stick to bright shades everywhere.

Alignment and scan-ability
Align your website’s content in order to make it look professional for example use ‘left-alignment’ everywhere and avoid large chunks of text in order to support viewers’ readability. Articles and other relative information must provide scan-ability as most users do not prefer to read every word on every page of the entire website. Thus, formatting the content appropriately is essential for user-convenience.

Attract buyers with call-to-action buttons
Include call-to-action buttons and make them look extremely attractive with bold and bright colors, in order to attract attention of potential buyers. Designing and positioning of these buttons is very important to tempt visitors for making buying decisions.

Research well
Before executing the design strategy; make sure you research well on everything. Avoid conflicting or doubtful ideas and rather borrow ideas from other idealistic websites.

The design of the website plays an essential role in the overall industrial internet marketing by attracting customers and increasing their conversions over time.

We suggest you to explore on this topic for further knowledge on various design options.

Or contact us if you need anything. We would be glad to help you!

Happy Designing!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Measure Return on Investment (ROI) of your Company's Website

In today’s time, every company is realizing the need for industrial website solutions, as being available online is becoming more important day-by-day, to serve existing as well as potential customers.

But the question is, does your company actually realize the importance of having a website? And no, it’s not just about your online presence.

An ideal website could instead help your organization achieve its goals and objectives. One of the first questions that companies put forward is:

“What is my ROI going to be like?”

Yes, we all need to know whether it is worth investing or not, before we actually do.

Firstly, if your website is built or revamped with visual appeal, user-friendliness, functionality and fine utility, there should be no stopping to that desired ROI. Companies have to understand the importance of including a website in their industrial marketing solutions, and like any other marketing strategy, supervising and evaluating measures are absolutely critical.

It is very important to evolve your company with the evolving needs of your market. And thus, you can effectively measure your online strategies by answering to 5 questions:

  1. What is your specific target market?
  2. How much of your target can be attracted to your website?
  3. What are the sources? Which keywords did they use to find your website?
  4. How many converted to leads and sales?
  5. How many can turn into loyal customers?

Every industrial website would require a tangible and timely ROI. Thus, sincere accountability can represent those cost savings and benefits. Objectives concerning ROIs must focus mainly on cost savings and calculative benefits, including the impact of your website on potential customers, with their perception and feedback towards it.

Here are few more tips to get you started:

Choose the right tracking methods.

There are mainly two types of tracking systems, server-side programs and client-side programs. Which draw conclusions about the website’s efficacy, by tracking the issues from the server to the owner’s computer.

  • Server-Side System

The server basically refers to the remote system which is usually operated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to store files, data and other information which constitutes your website. This system helps you record the amount of distinctive and total visitors, which is commonly also known as ‘hits’.

  • Client-Side System

The client side tracking on the other hand refers to aspects on the clients’ end, for example any PC running a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, I.E., Google Chrome, etc. Unlike server systems, client-side tracking involves monitoring users’ precise behavior on the website, page-by-page and click-by-click! All the information is automatically acquired and recorded by downloaded cookies on the web.

The answers to “What is my ROI going to be like?” primarily concentrate on having an organized and polished and crystal-clear providence of your products or services. Most of the industrial companies believe in detailed measuring to acquire ‘cost per lead’, which helps in determining also the quality of leads and marketing strategies.

So, to achieve ideal industrial website solutions and reciprocating ROIs, all you have to do is get started by a) foreseeing your goals, b) opt to use appropriate tools, c) undertake suitable marketing initiatives and d) learn & refine your strategies.

I hope I’ve landed on the same wavelength as most of you, and helped you a little in many ways than one.

If you have any queries, please contact me.

I’d love to hear you out.

Happy ROIs! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Turning Website Visitors Into Customers

How will we turn those visitors into customers?
That is one of the most frequent questions that arise after an industrial website is launched. And it is certainly an important query.

Because directing people to your website is one thing and influencing them to shed some cash is another.

Sounds difficult?

Well, it’s not that challenging.

It’s pretty evident nowadays, that more and more companies are moving their services online. But attracting potential customers is obviously the key criteria of having the industrial website itself!

If you have a website, it is absolutely necessary to have a strategy to pull leads and turning them into successful sales. Need some tips? Sure!

1. Provide as many facts as possible.
Yes, people love reading about your product’s performance. Include statistics, you’ll make the visitors feel comfortable and believe in your offerings. Try including a couple of case studies too, this will grab you some brownie points!

2. Focus on the “About Us” section.

Visitors are always skeptical about what your company is all about. Introduce your business. Tell them about your history, in brief. Add personal touches and inform them thoroughly about your company. Include a few pictures, inquiry forms and helpline numbers. Befriending your visitors is important before turning them into customers.

3. Push your offerings clearly.

Make sure you showcase your products and services very clearly. Influence visitors by interesting offers and benefits to push them towards sales. Conspiring a selling strategy with insincere offerings is strictly a no-no!

4. Incorporate multimedia on your website.

Embed pictures, videos or even a background music theme to add some charm to your website. “Seeing is believing”; pictures of your products and videos to guide or educate visitors can prove beneficiary in convincing them to make a purchase.

5. Analyze your website in a visitor’s perspective, prior its launch.

Before you launch your website, scan for errors and required changes in order to match visitors’ preference. Step in their shoes and test your efforts. Or probably hire a few people to do it for you. Feedback and suggestions also play an important role in building a website, so ask your friends and colleagues about what they have to say.

Don’t forget to implement an ideal SEO strategy, or else your visitors might never find you. Most businesses understand the importance of SEO, which pulls traffic to their website and also other strategies that include in industrial internet marketing.

(Refer to our previous post - Implementing SEO while designing or redesigning your website.)

It doesn’t look very challenging, does it?

Contact us if you need to ask anything, we’d love to help.

Good luck!

Implementing SEO While Designing Or Re-designing Your Website

Imagine you’re getting ready for an important meeting, unaware of how exclusive it could be. You put on your old suit and the doubt of being under dressed starts pricking your mind. So, you finally decide to wear a new classy trouser suit, because wearing something new always makes you feel good. Doesn’t it?

You call for a limo.

And wait to contribute your ideas in the meeting, in your new avatar.

When you reach the building, you find no conference room there, instead a sign board stating: “Under construction. Meeting canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience!”


Similarly when you’re planning to work on your website’s new avatar, don’t forget to consider the importance of search engines, or else your ideal innovations will never find you. While revamping your industrial websites, concentrate highly on SEO techniques, or else you’re going to land up turning it unavailable for public view.

Most of the industrial companies tend to focus more on the “look and feel”, eventually damaging the elements of search engine optimization. This could be dangerous, probably even life taking for your website.

To fix this, those companies usually end up spending tons of hours and dollars on industrial website solutions and still fail to regain the previous rankings.

While redesigning, SEO should be given its deserved consideration. Indeed.

Now, coming to the first-time participants of the meeting.

Are you planning to launch your company’s website?

Nice! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Here are a few tips to avoid the post-launch bloopers:

  • Choose a catchy URL and don’t change it. Ever.

You don’t want to be missed out on being invited for SEO’s assembly, do you?
Choose a catchy URL for higher and easier recognition.
For existing websites, don’t change the URLs or else you’ll be treated as a brand new entries. You’ll end up loosing your existing rankings.

  • Deck up your information.

In the meeting, don’t just talk. Talk sense.
Usability should be one of the prime concerns of providing information on your website. Contemplate on including keywords that target your search rankings and business aims. This will invite a lot of quality people to YOUR summit! If you know, what I’m saying.

  • Renew content.

The SEO leeches are always seeking for fresh content.
If you are launching, make sure you have fresh and famed content everywhere.
And revamping the website is the perfect opportunity to increase fresh content and boost your strategies towards industrial internet marketing.

Hoping you have a better insight on SEO’s importance now.

Happy meeting! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Smarter: Make A Successful Business

Spinning abstract ideas and thoughts about your business is very easy but making them true is not so easy. A better visual representation and communication is needed for every business to build a better brand and increase revenue. Have you ever thought of having a blog and discuss your customers feedback about your products and services or having a web-page itself on your live site about customer satisfaction on your products and services. This will not only help you to improve your product but also will definitely build a good relationship with your customers for future help. The most crucial aspect of your business is creating a strong unified image for your business.

The world is advancing rapidly in a high speed and its highly competitive market so you will find very less time to impress your customers. Building a positive impression on the mind of your customers about your business, your brand, and your products is very important. Try to communicate with your customers via a blog of your own, try to generate the company philosophy, services performed by your organization or products sold by your company. One should be totally aware of each small fact about your organization. A blog in this respect will act in a great way, it will instantly and intuitively communicate the style, the philosophy and everything and anything that you want to make your customers aware of.

Before putting the order into pen and paper or before "just clicking and placing an online order", the image of your business should be clear in their mind of your customers. A detailed view of products and a comprehensive explanation of your "services" that you are offering should be mentioned. Conceptualize the process of your business according to your markets and grab your customers today! Personalize your approach to customer service and customer relations.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brand Innovation To Enhance Your Business

"Branding" the business buzz word in this web world will act as visual representation of your business. Brand consistency ensures the fact that your business is having a unique identity to succeed. Identity of your company is a vital asset that must be build to ensure a business's success.

Your company brand identity will create a proper perception of your business to customers, your products, your offered services, and also in turn will increase the level of expectation of the customers and thereby consumer confidence. Originality and distinctiveness are the two powerful elements in the professional jargon which can only be established by your company image. "Rome was not built in a day" similarly a corporate image cannot be created within a day. Your company's culture, its purpose its goals - all values of your organization will get reflected by the brand image of your business which will give your business a much-needed edge on the road to success.

Since brand consistency ensures that consumers will easily recognize the products, branding is especially important to small and growing businesses. For the long term, branding standards must constantly be maintained throughout the life of a business. But building a brand image will not do everything, having a user-friendly site is the most essential creed for your websites. Contact us or call us to get a free website analysis before creating recognition for your business! Remember! Do more and talk less about your business value to actually provide value to your website.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Online Catalog: An Effective Way To Promote Your Business

Research reveals the fact that online business is growing from $ 172 billion in the year 2005 to $329 billion in 2010. This market growth in an online business forces the industrial companies to have an online sales channel via websites. For having an online sales channel, online catalog is a must need since it will provide your customers having a satisfying look on your products before making an order.

Add your own customized cover and give a personalized look to your online flip catalog. Highlight your sale items & Discounts on products. You can choose from a wide variety of templates from which you can select the best one that will suit your needs. We will take care that your catalog will be an exclusive user-friendly one.

Online customers are valuable for your business, contact us today and get an incredible design on your online flip catalog.